Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abandoned Car's - this time during the day...

I know - a daytime shoot?  Yeah - the place I shot these at is only open till 5pm so I was kind of limited.  I would LOVE to get in there at night, but there was evidence of attack cows all over the place (read cow poop)...

50 degrees F. Overcast and drizzly. Very flat light. After 90 minutes or so, I was completely soaked!

Most of these started out as 4-6 multi exposures, blended and mildly HDR'd prior to B&W conversion.  All were handheld (if you look close enough, you will see ghosting - I think I missed it on 2 of the images)

Without further ado, here are the images:

I am not going to tell anyone where this is.  I bet eagle eyed hunters might be able to figure it out though.  Seriously though, for $10 it was worth it to go in and shoot for as long as I wanted to.  For $50 I could have brought in a model.  Still a deal!

This one had a hood from a '57.  It has 2 doors.  Nomad rotting away....  Sad really!

My daughter asked me to have a copy of this one printed so she could hang it in her room.  (grin!)

The 'FRAGILE' stencil was there.  I added the other stencil in post for a bit of fun.

Standing in front of this car, it looked like it was ALREADY in HDR!

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