Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nighttime Light Painting Shoot: '70s era abandoned Lincoln

It was a beautiful, albiet overcast evening in the upper 70's.  The moon was just a little less than half full.  The drive was a reasonably short distance from where I live.  By the time I got to the turn off it was so dark I missed the turn 4 times.  Had to park about 1/2 mile away from where this abandoned car was positioned. Walking through a minefield of cow patties to get to it after hopping a fence to gain access to the property. Did not see a 'No Tresspassing' sign *and* it was listed as a county road so I took a chance. Fortunately I had my iPhone with a map app with me or else I would have likely not found it. Very dark out there given that this was the middle of a cow pasture in the sticks and no light polution.  It got kind of spooky when the coyotes started howling, one of which sounded like it was no further than 50 feet away.

I tried a couple of different techniques that I had not used before.  One of which was to not take more than 4 shots at any one set up.  As I got down to business, I realized that I could not light the whole car in any one frame due to the metal in front and the trees behind., so I did use up to all 4 shots to light a different aspect of the subject.

These are all 30 second shots, night time light painted. Some are multi-exposure as I was not fast enought to light the whole car in 30 seconds. Tried a couple of things that I have wanted to work on and I am pleased for the most part. The sky is as the camera captured it.

All: ISO 100, 7.1, 30 seconds.

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