Sunday, July 10, 2011

Assassination City Roller Derby

Downtown Showdown

Fair Park Coliseum - Dallas, TX

Brian Ullrich of f-stopme photography contacted me about Shooting this event as the guests of Mickey Mayhem of Viva La Revolution.  It was certainly a pleasure to hook back up with Brian and catch up on each other.  Haven't really seen him since High School.  I also had the pleasure of meeting his son Nick, who was also shooting the bouts. A great kid with a really great eye for composition.

This nights action packed line-up featured in Bout 1 - Deadly Kennedys vs. Lone Star Assassins, and in Bout 2 - Bombshell Brigade vs. Viva La Revolucion.  I was so inthralled by the action, I didn't remember to make note of the final scores.  BB did win their bout handily over LR.  I   LOVE  THIS  SPORT!  Oh  - almost forgot, when the Bombshell Brigade were announced, as they made their entry lap, they threw dog tags out to the crowd.  Guess which photographer caught one?

The halftime show featured music by Local Dallas band - THe BAcksliders.  If you get a chance, please check them out - they really rocked the house!

Shooting a fast moving event in less than ideal lighting conditions presents several issues.  I tested several settings and set ups till I found one I was reasonably happy with.  I hope you agree.  I have since communicated with several derby shooters and have received various tips on how to eek out better quality.  I want to particularly thank Bill from Austin for his brain dump of C&C and tips and suggestions. I think he said that he covers 3 leagues down there. Check out his Flickr, he gets some amazing captures. The photography community is typically a very creative and helpful species.  I have helped a ton of people better their skills, and I have been helped by a ton of people.

There is another match coming up on June 23rd.  Hopefully I am going to be able to make it.  See you there?

Showing the space that is the Fair Park Colliseum.
Trigger Mortis giving Small Block the cold sholder!

The Dixie Witch contemplating mayhem!
The mayhem.

Gloria Vanderbitch of the Bombshell Brigade giving me an
over the sholder pose.

Viva La Rev.
Dirty Mouth Dell apparently lending Dimentia 13
a helping hand.

Red Hot Rage stacking up the points. 
This was my favorite shot of the evening as I was allowed to shoot from the infield for a few minutes.  And yes, I was given the full rundown of safety precautions.  The things that stuck in my head was that the ref's do not watch where they are skating, they are watching the action.  They will run you down.  You will get hurt if this happens.  I was VERY watchful of the ref's!  lol!

This one made me smile.  Love the socks!
Brian and Nick Ullrich with Mr. and Mrs. Mayhem.

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