Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nightshoot: More Abandoned Cars

Todd and I out and about again.  December can be iffy in Texas.  The forecast for this evening was supposed to me cool and clear for the week before.  The two days prior were perfect.  We were scheduled for a full moon, clear skies and cool - we got the full moon, a lot of clouds and cold.  Well, make the best out of it is the best course of action.

Previous recon established the primary target, an abandoned gas station with a decrepit mid '40s sedan on site.  When we got there at about 3:30pm, there was a nasty ten foot tall deer fence about 10 feet in front of the place.    Took some scouting photos to see if it was worth a return trip.  Certainly was not ideal, but again, make the best out of it.  Left there and scouted some other sites Todd had pre-located.

Well, without further ado, here are the shots.  I hope you enjoy them!

Todd gets the most amazing photos from his iPhone 4.  Okay, he is looking at his star finder app to see where the Milky Way would be presenting itself for this evening.  I think my version is funnier!

This is the set-up shot for the final image.  I LOVE my tripod!  I can take the center column and put it to horizontal. This worked out very well for this application.  My lens just fit through the hole in the fence.

This is the final image.  I really like the dark brooding feeling I got in this frame.  This was lit with a combination of a touch of a 4D Mag-Light and a Coleman camp lantern.  Shot on my 40D with Tamron 28-75 2.8.

This is pretty much straight on using my Tokina 11-16 2.8 at 11mm.  I had to get way low and shoot up a bit to get the whole awning in the shot.  I used a very heavy handed 4D Mag-Light to light this frame up, I wanted the feeling a little more open than the last.

This location was quite a ways away from the old gas station.  This ol'boy had a great big mess in his front yard.  Fortunately for us, he had the better junk toward the outside of his property with almost a non-existent fence.  When I saw the grill of this old panel delivery van, I was determined that I would have to have this image.  This was with the Tokina and lit with my 2AA Mag-Light and the break light of a passing car.  Love that little touch of red!

Slightly different view in the yard.  The guy across the street was hanging Christmas lights and had just turned them on.  I did add a little 2AA Mag-Light to round it all out.

A rare landscape shot from me - in portrait orientation - the  moon is just behind the tree.  I ran the beam from my 4D Mag-Light up the trunk during the exposure to just bring the bark detail out of the shadow.