Friday, April 29, 2011

Night-shoot test with Tokina 11-16 f2.8. Light-painting cars...

Has anyone gone out to play with this lens at night?  I took this out Friday night and am very impressed.  As usual I tried a few different things and learned a few other things.  There was no moon out, so all lighting is from my ever growing collection of flashlights.  Also as usual, whenever I go out to shoot with my friends Todd and Butch, I tend to forget something.  Tonights something: My tripod.  Fortunately Todd had a spare so all was not lost.

All shots with 40D, Tonkina 11-16. Wanted to see how it did wide open at night. Going forward for night time I think I would raise the ISO to 800 ish to capture the stars, but I was not displeased by this lenses performance!.

(1) F2.8, ISO100, 30 seconds, 15mm

(2) F2.8, ISO100, 30 seconds, 11mm

(3) F2.8, ISO100, 58 Seconds, 11mm

(4) F2.8, ISO100, 58 Seconds, 11mm

(bonus image for Todd)


  1. Looks great Chris! Both the new site design and of course the pictures!

  2. Wow Chris - these pictures are simply AWESOME. You are so talented!!